Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bunny and Mickey Mouse Tattoo

Bunny and Mickey Mouse TattooBunny and Mickey Mouse Tattoo

Childhood memories are amazing; anyone of us if given the opportunity would love to live those moments again. The bunny and mickey mouse tattoo above made me recall my wonderful childhood moments when we used to sit hours in front of the idiot box, yes our TV sets to watch our favorite cartoon programs. Getting your favorite characters etched won’t bring the childhood back but would definitely let you recall those moments and bring a smile on your face.

Rose Tattoo

Although most people associate with female flowers, The Rose Tattoo is the only one who has transcended the barriers between the sexes and is approximately equal for men and women. For most people, roses mean love, passion and emotion - whether the model can be used in several different contexts.

Rose Tattoo
The first thing you should consider when choosing a design Rose Tattoo is whether you want the flower to the main theme of your design or just an image focus in a much broader concept. While the rose is beautiful on its own initiative, you can also integrate it into another image to change the meaning of design. Example. Add a little progress on the image to an image of the skull may soften the design and even make a remark about the duality of life and death.

You should also think about what your color is Rose Tattoo. Of course, if a rose tattoo design stands alone, it is much more important part of a larger, more colorful images. If you have chosen feature a rose, we recommend you choose a color that is compatible with the skin tone, and makes the kind of feeling you are going. Many people assume that the rose tattoo is red, but the use of yellow, orange and purple can also be equally attractive design - and maybe even look better and longer.

To get a better feel for some of the rose tattoo designs are available, I look around the internet to see how other people have used this image. There really is a wide range of styles, from a single flower of pink roses bunched together with a series of pictures of Rose, which contain the leaves and stems of flowers. It's important to think carefully about which style is best suited, before the end of the tattoo shop.

some Hearts Tattoo Design

Needled Hearts Tattoo Design tattoos have always been and will always be in vogue. Some time back, we came up with   tatoo that were damn  Weren’t they? Check out another  tat which I’m sure you naughty guys will simply adore! Little needled hearts tattoo on the  looks simply awesome, correct me if I’m wrong!

Apple Tattoo Lower Back

Sexy Apple Tattoo Lower BackSneak a peek into the tattoo pictured above. I need not ask you guys, what symbol tattoo it is, do I? It’s an apple icon tattoo on  gal’s lower back. Simply geeky and  I must say!


Colorfull Flower Tattoo

Colorfull Flower TattooFlowers in all their myriad diversity and color have and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Mostly favored by women, the flower tattoos are like clothes, accessories, the only difference is that you can wear your tattoos to bed. It’s like having these beautiful images with you all the time which not only enhances ones beauty but also acts as symbol of birth, life, procreation, death and rebirth. I think this tattoo is really awesome and is making this gal look more appealing, sexier, more feminine and powerful.

England Tattoos Design

England Tattoos DesignEngland Tattoos Design
England Tattoos DesignEngland Tattoos Design

Friday, May 13, 2011

New Trends Tattoo, Scene and Emo Tattoo

Among the many tattoo designs available, the star tattoo designs are the most common and widely used by both men and women. They might seem monotonous and boring to some but not to those who understand the significance of these tattoos. Depending on the number of points, star tattoos have different meanings. The orientation of the stars also signifies whether it is a good or an evil sign. The stars can be drawn in different styles with or without colors. Your personality will also be defined by the type of star tattoo on your skin.

Vegas wins with tattoos for soccer moms

Vegas wins
Tattoo artist Mario Barth was expecting a huge number of people, perhaps as many as 25,000, to attend the convention he organized for this past weekend at the plush casino Mandalay Bay (the resort connected to a Four Seasons).

Mandalay Bay is not coincidentally where Barth opened an outpost of his own Starlight Tattoo chain last year. So bringing his annual tattoo convention to Vegas (in the past New Jersey was home to the gathering) was a natural to move. Expecting bigger numbers in Vegas than he had in Jersey, Barth optimistically billed the convention as the “The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth.” When it ended, official announced attendance in fact topped out at 40,000. Barth is hoping to get the convention certified as the largest ever by Guinness.

Barth wants everyone who still thinks of tattoos as primarily the domain of subcultures like bikers, sailors and Gothed-out punk rockers to know things have changed. “For 30 years we have been trying to go mainstream, and that has finally happened where people know this as an art. And the number of people in the general public getting tattoos is enormous,” Barth says.

That was the main driver to deciding to both open his first shop outside New Jersey and bringing his convention from Jersey to Mandalay Bay. “The past five years the numbers have become so big for both tattooing and the convention that New Jersey was maxed out. We had to bring it to Vegas to get it to the next level: more credibility, more exposure and a place where the general public feels secure.” Barth says. “Now it is everyone who wants a tattoo. It is no longer a subculture where you have to be a biker. Our main tattoo customer in Vegas is a soccer mom. It is seen now as individual expression and fashion. The buyer is the general public. ”

John Huntington, who owns what is currently called Huntington Ink at the Palms, which opened under another name in 2004 and was the first tattoo parlor in a casino in Vegas, agrees with Barth’s timeline crediting the television reality show “Inked” on A&E that covered his planned parlor and incipient dramas (and the subsequent name changes) from 2004 to '07. “I think the TV show really helped. The demographic changed so much since the show hit. My first customer this morning was a 69-year-old lady who loved the show. I made a place comfortable for everyone that looked high-end and cool. That is what the clientele at the Palms wanted to see. That is what the country wanted to see.” And Huntington thinks casino executives noticed something else about the business from his television show: “Tattoo shops make a lot of money, and that was something people saw on the show. We have incredible profit margins, and the recession hasn’t hurt us one bit.”

There are tattoo parlors in Vegas casinos ranging from the Hard Rock to O’Shea’s. Two shops are owned by Motley Crue singer Vince Neil, who opened his first parlor on the Strip four years ago. Neil also sees Vegas as the perfect stage to present tattooing to mainstream America. “Our main customers are not necessarily Motley Crue fans. It is everyone who walks down the Strip, which is everyone.” Not that celebrity doesn’t play a part in what is driving the mainstream acceptance of tattooing. And Neil isn’t the only celebrity connected to a tattoo parlor in Vegas. Chester Bennington of the band Linkin Park is partner in a tattoo parlor that opened at Planet Hollywood’s mall this year. Neil says, “Every celebrity on TMZ and everyone on a reality show has a tattoo, and everyone else mimics their idols.” Neil says he plans to open more tattoo parlors around the country.

And while Huntinging credits the cable show with having pushed things along, he admits he had already seen the change coming in 2004. “The stigma was already gone. I was seeing tattoos on all the girls and all the guys I know. And I wanted to be the first one on the bandwagon.”

Barth thinks there is another reason tattoo parlors and casinos have proven such a good fit: “People know casinos are safe. We built it very open to fit in Mandalay Bay. There are no closed doors. The soccer mom can feel at every moment safe, secure and in a healthy environment.”
Barth plans to open his next project in Vegas at the Mirage by New Year’s Eve. “We are building the highest-end studio ever built. It looks like a baroque castle.” And in the Vegas Mannerist tradition this will not be a mere tattoo parlor but a mix of a tattoo parlor and what he calls an ultralounge. “You can go in hang out, have drink and get a tattoo. It is a great concept.”
And as the ultralounge name suggests, tattooing has gone not only mainstream but has surprisingly developed a luxury niche. Barth, for example, has a two-year waiting list for clients who pay a minimum of $10,000 up to where some of his work he can command hundreds of thousands of dollars to perform. “They are buying a Mario Barth. Ninety percent of my customers you would call luxury customers. They are buying on the name. They are not buying a tattoo anymore. They are buying a piece of art. It is very exclusive, and they know it. CEOs reach out to us.”
In fact, accompanying Barth one day on the floor of the convention was friend and client Sylvester Stallone. He noted that the day before he had done work on singer Usher. Tommy Lee is another friend and client. “Tattoos take time to do. You talk a lot. It is like with a hair dresser. You get to know people.”

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tattoo Dragon symbolism

What is the symbolism that is associated with dragon tattoos? Within history, dragons are portrayed as the most powerful creatures that could not be slain and have been portrayed breathing fire for centuries. Although mythical, the creatures are portrayed as just as strong and therefore they have become a popular tattoo for men seeking a piece of art which can be placed on the body to signify the power which is associated with these types of tattoos. Although they can be portrayed alone on the body, there are certain tattoos which can be portrayed with the use of entire pieces that can be displayed on the chest, as well as the arms and even the back. There are many popular choices which can be made through the choice of the tattoo including fire, caves and even medieval themes. Other choices for these types of tattoos can include dragons in battle and even dragons which are intertwined in battle. Through these types of tattoos there are many men that choose to have the dragons displayed alone on the body.

There are many types of dragons which are portrayed on the body. These can include the tribal art which is created in the form of dragon tattoos. These pieces of tribal art can be portrayed through the use of dark colors and can be used to display the strength that is associated with the type of tattoo. Through the use of these dragon tattoos, the individual can help to display the inner power that they have demonstrated through their lifetime.

Choose a dragon tattoo that comes in a variety of colors if you are seeking intricate bright and vivid designs that can make a statement and a dark and muted tribal dragon tattoo if you are seeking something less colorful that makes just as large of a statement.

Ankle Tattoos For A Woman

Ankle Tattoos
Ankle Tattoo
Some of the best places for a tattoo on a woman is the ankle. Tattoo designs for such a spot can be very stylish and fashionable. Women and girls often get their name tattooed on the ankle, but their are other designs of ankle tattoos beside names you could consider. Just to name a few, ankle tattoos of flowers, ankle bracelets, floral vines, stars, beads are great tattoo designs for the ankle.

Sexy Flower Tattoo Flower Tattoo

A tulip tattoo is another variety, which you may want to consider. Tulips are considered symbolic of being an excellent lover. They represent a desire for passionate love. If you consider yourself to be a bit less outgoing, you might prefer to get a violet flower tattoo. Violets are considered a sign of shyness.

There are even more flower tattoos than that to choose from, though. For instance, if you consider yourself to be a wise person, you may want to get an iris flower tattoo. While, if you love nature, you might try a magnolia. Although, any flower at all generally reminds us of nature, so you really can’t go wrong with whatever flower tattoo you choose.

Beyond the type of design, there is also the color to consider. Pink colors are often a symbol of friendship. Red flowers indicate passion. White flowers, on the other hand, indicate purity. So consider your flower tattoo color, as well as type.

Flowers are an elegant symbol of beauty. They can bring up an incredible amount of memories and feelings. So, whether you choose a rose tattoo or some other type, you really can’t go wrong with a flower tattoo.

Sexy Arm Tattoo

There are so many different kinds of arm tattoos that picking the right one can be really difficult. Your arm really starts at the wrist and goes all the way to the shoulder, so there is a wide area to cover. There are many different wrap around designs for the wrist as well as the arm and tribal designs are some of the most popular for these areas. There are numerous kinds of tribal tattoos as well as thousands of other wrap designs. There are thorns, skulls and roses, just to name a few. it comes to arm tattoos, the sky is the limit. You can pick simple black and white tattoos as well as full color illustrations. Some people like the classic designs like skulls and roses and even hearts with the name of their sweetheart, or the names of departed children or relatives. Some even design their own as tributes to fallen loved ones or best friends, and have those applied by qualified artists. Other spend hours on end, looking through hundreds of websites and parlors trying to find that special and unique design that best fits their personality.

There are some things that you should know when it comes to arm tattoos, or really any other place you want a tattoo. One, it is a myth that a tattoo isn’t going to hurt, but there are places that are more painful that others. Skin that is close to the bones, like on the wrist or elbow is going to be more painful. The softer areas, like under the arms, on the chest and pubic area is going to hurt. There are degrees of pain and some people have a better tolerance than others. If you are thinking about going out and getting drunk before you have one done, you shouldn’t. Drinking actually thins the blood, making you bleed more.