Monday, January 24, 2011

Não é questão de fé

"Pago os meus impostos, separo
o lixo, já não vejo televisão
há cinco meses, todos os dias
rezo pelo menos duas horas
com um livro nos joelhos.

Nunca falho uma visita à família,
utilizo sempre os transportes
públicos, raramente me esqueço
de deixar água fresca no prato
do gato, tento ser correcto
com os meus vizinhos e não cuspo
na sombra dos outros.

Já não me lembro se o médico
me disse ser esta receita era indicada
para salvar o mundo ou apenas
ser feliz. Seja como for,
não estou a ver resultado nenhum."


Série Close

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tribal Tattoo Design

For centuries, tattoos symbolized by membership in groups and families, but for a few years, tattoos have become more popular. It is possible that many people have them not only for the purposes of decoration, so we must understand why they made more than thirty million people in the world this kind of self-mutilation.

In Russia, and traditions of tattoo is not very old: they were prisoners of the secret language. The concentration camps of the Stalin era, tattoos a form of protest, but today it is not only access to fancy
The Warriors began the ancient Maori tattoo tradition painting their faces with charcoal before each battle. Then they began to make the design permanent, calling it "Moko". I

Celtic animal designs are endless, but some end in ropes, feet, heads, or tails. Many animal designs to provide elements or spirals.

In the northern Kalinga (Philippines), the tribesmen are the most decorated people in the region; is to revive the art and the body of one more time.

Now tattoos are made using modern equipment and safe, and capable of 125 pricks per second. The designs all over the world using the tools of propaganda the most exciting.
Whether on the arm or ankle, a butterfly or tribal symbol, a piece of body art no longer carries the temptation to rebel once did ...

The Tribal Tattoo Art

Tribal tattooing started many years ago with traditional countless tribes. These tribes had tattoos for many reasons, including spirituality, to identify families and clans, marriage, rites of passage, as stewards of totem animals and love spells and charms.

Polynesian - There are many different styles of Polynesian tattooing such as Maori, Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian and Marquesan. Each island has its own style, but similar characteristics of all those bold black abstracts and figurative designs.
Maori - the meanings of these tribal tattoos to celebrate important events throughout life and represent, courage and strength status.
Hawaiian - Some common forms and symbols used are fish, birds, turtles, sharks, waves, rain and sun. Hawaiian tattoos have meanings such as tribal membership, celebration, self expression and some are made just for decoration.

Native American - Tattoos Native American people have more spiritual significance and represent a connection to the land. New tattoos are tattoos of animals such as the eagle that carries great religious significance.